Thursday, September 28 kicks off Geography Club for the 2017-18 School Year!

Start studying your September map with your students at home!!  You should have received an informational letter and the September map in your student’s Friday folder last week. 

Map packets for the entire year are currently available in the office and will be there through the end of this month.  You can also print maps out at home using the following link:

The same maps are used each year! Please save maps and reuse if possible!!

We need volunteers for check days!!  Check out the Geo Club sign-up link on mVP for available time slots.  It’s a great day and a great opportunity to work directly with students across 1st-5th grades.

2017-18 Geography Club Check Day Schedule

  • Thursday, September 28-- North & Central America
  • Thursday, October 26-- Asia & Middle East Part 1
  • Thursday, November 30-- Asia & the Middle East Part 2
  • Thursday, December 14-- South America
  • Thursday, January 25-- Africa Part 1
  • Thursday, February 22—Africa Part 2
  • Thursday, March 22—Europe Part 1
  • Thursday, April 26—Europe Part 2
  • Thursday, May 24—Australia & Oceania
  • Thursday, May 31—Recheck Day

If you miss a month you can recheck on this day or any of the above regular check days.


If you have questions please contact: