2017 Carnival a Record-Breaking Success

Much fun was had by all last Friday night, with a record-breaking 1500 children and adults attending this year’s Bonny Slope Carnival.  The event was offered free to BSE families for the second year in a row, thanks in part to this community’s tremendous fundraising effort.  With comfortable temperatures and clear skies, the outdoor experience offered a variety of crowd-pleasing games, food, and entertainment.
“The vibe of this event truly represents the spirit and community of Bonny Slope Elementary,” said Elizabeth Binghold, Carnival Co-Lead.  “As many adults attend this event as children, so it was important for us to recognize and be inclusive of that.  We worked to offer activities (and food) for people of all ages.”
This year’s Carnival held all the usual traditions that BSE families have grown to love-- including carnival games, a live dj, inflatables on the lawn, and the fifth grade pie-eating contest.  New additions included a new inflatable obstacle course, inflatable skee ball, wandering superhero characters, and Koi Fusion's and Maiale di Volo's food carts. According to Binghold, the committee decided to spend less money on prizes and more on the actual experience for the kids.  Prizes were still handed out (with kids digging the mini beach balls), but less of a focus.
Another exciting aspect was the introduction of Bonny Slope’s new mascot, Bobby the Bobcat.  “Watching the little faces light up when I entered the gym was about the cutest thing around,” said Bobby.  “Pretty sure I took pictures with about 50 kids.”
In addition, for the second year in a row, BSE fifth graders showcased their PYP Exhibition projects through their “Action Alley,” which strengthened the sense of community with students and teachers participating together.  Each group had set up some sort of interactive booth to serve as an educational experience and garner support for their various causes, which included some serious topics such as refugees, science funding, education equality, children’s healthcare and animal rights.
Fifth grade teacher, Nathan Traller commented, “It was pure ‘teaching fuel’ to see our fifth graders so energized and owning their learning. It's a little more work to teach this way, but SO worth it. All week was ‘MR.T WE NEED TO...!’ and no ‘Do we have to?’ Thank you BSCO for welcoming Action Alley to the Carnival!”
Sunset High School students, along with parent volunteers, helped make the event a huge success.  “The SHS students are so fantastic,” said Binghold.  “Their help and participation at the event allowed more parents to hang out with their kids.  And we are very appreciative of the parents who volunteered as well.  For several, this was their third year; they work together like a well-oiled machine.”
Thanks to all who attended and volunteered to make this year’s event extraordinary, most especially co-chairs Elizabeth Binghold and Debbie Herron, and their incredible Carnival team.