Your BSCO Donation at Work: Teacher & Mature Grants

Each year, BSCO offers two different grant programs to all BSE teachers and staff.  Both the Teacher Grant program and the Mature Grant line items are a part of BSCO’s annual budget and are made possible through your generous Jog-a-thon and Auction donations.


The teacher grant program is designed to encourage & facilitate new approaches to curriculum objectives.  Individual teachers, teaching teams or support staff are eligible to submit a grant application online, which is reviewed by your BSCO Board.  At times, a grant may be fulfilled using a different, more appropriate line item.

Like all BSCO purchases, all grant materials are labeled as property of BSE and remain at BSE in the event of a recipient’s departure. Favorable grants highly impact students, can be used across a grade level and are supported with third party evidence, such as educational articles or studies.

The 2016-17 BSCO Teacher Grant Program funded the following projects:

  • Mathracks  (Kindergarten) $824.44.  60 student held Mathracks, two student caddies, and 3 teacher visuals.
  • Tech Advancements  (K-2) $2960.28 ***taken from Tech budget.  116 iPad covers (K-2), 4 bluetooth speakers (1st), 56 headphones with microphones (K-1).
  • Supporting Growing Readers (K-1 & Intervention) $500.  BSCO paid a portion of the cost of the Orange LLI system for our youngest, struggling readers.
  • Multi-ethnic hand puppets (Counseling team). $54.86.  Eight puppets used in a pilot program to implement evidence-based social emotional curriculum.
  • Flexible Seating (1st)  $665.70.  Six HOKKI stools for classroom use.
  • Readers Notebooks (5th), $866.25.  125 Reader's Notebooks for 207-18 school year.
  • Recess Sidewalk Chalk (Instructional Assistants)  $94.95.  Five sets of 126/piece high-quality chalk for use during recess.


In addition, BSCO’s budget also provides a separate line item for Mature Grants.  After two consecutive years, a successful program may be considered a Mature Grant budget item.  Mature grants do not need to be re-approved annually, but will be re-considered each Spring when the budget is written.

The 2016-17 BSCO Mature Grants funded the following:

  • Newbery Book Clubs (5th Grade) $1100.  Provided high-quality and current literature for small group discussion.
  • Zoo Transportation (2nd Grade).  **Taken from Field Trips.  Transportation costs for 2nd grade second field trip.
  • THPRD Nature Mobile  (Kindergarten) $800.  Annual presentation to kindergarteners.
  • Living Things Unit (First Grade) $500.  Provided chicks, ladybugs and caterpillars for first grade’s annual unit.

Huge thank you to all our innovative teachers and staff for making this endeavors possible and another round of applause for every BSCO donor who helped provide these opportunities.