2017 Spring Community Meeting Nets New Board, Bylaws and Budget

On Tuesday, May 23rd, our community gathered to say goodbye to the Hannah Donohue administration and welcome the Ashish Gupta administration.

Like the US as a whole, Bonny Slope Community Organization also embraces a peaceful transition of power. Along with Hannah, VP Ava Palmquist, Treasurer Brian Rothery and Secretary Elia Freedman are also leaving the Board, having completed their two years each in their respective roles.

In their place will step Ashish as President, Ellen Rothery as Vice President, Andrea Steyskal as Secretary, Melissa Gatchell as Treasurer, Josh Resch as Director of Communications, and Kelly Kinzer as Member-at-Large.

The Community also voted for an overhaul of BSCO's bylaws and a new budget for 2017-18. The bylaws were completely rewritten based on recommendations by the BSCO bylaws committee assembled this past school year. The 2017-18 budget highlights include a slight decrease in the Auction budget and expenses ($5,000 each) in an attempt to simplify the fundraiser, increased income from Jog-a-Thon, a $15,000 decrease in the technology budget, and a new line item for STEM in Residence.

Other highlights include an update on the Wall Mounted Projector (installation in July!), grant updates, an update on Auction, and updates on all the programs sponsored by or paid for by BSCO around the school.

2016-17 budget is coming into focus. Auction generated $95,000 for BSCO and, once all expenses are accounted for, $70,000 net. That's $20,000 more than expected. As in previous years, BSCO fundraisers netted more than expected. Our $152,000 balanced budget ended with $184,000 in revenue and expenses not as high as expected due partly to underspending and partly to parents not turning in receipts for reimbursement. While 2016-17 will not be successful in spending down reserves, we will try once again in 2017-18 with free Monster Mash, Carnival, a new math application subscription, BSCO covering student purchased paper in the fall, and starting a replacement program for classroom projectors.

Click here for the full minutes and financials.