Get Cash! Request Your Reimbursement ASAP

As the school year winds down, don’t forget to submit your reimbursement requests as soon as possible.  This includes any outstanding receipt for party coordinators, committee leads or event planners. BSCO’s fiscal year ends June 30th, so submitting as soon as possible and cashing the check prior to 6/30 will ensure accurate accounting for our fiscal year.

Please follow these three easy steps to receive your refund:

  1. Fill out the Reimbursement Check Request.

  2. Take a picture of your receipts and email to Brian Rothery, BSCO Treasurer, at

  3. Expect a check via snail mail from U.S Bank auto-pay.

Many parents feel their $8.36 refund isn't worth the trouble.  Please remember that every receipt give us an accurate accounting of what it truly takes to run our programs and events. 

You've already generously donated to JAT and Auction; it is unnecessary to pledge more.  Let us pay you back and update our accounting records.