BSCO Board Slate, Additional Bylaw Changes Announced

Your BSCO Board is proud to present the the final draft of the revised BSCO bylaws.  This final draft will be presented for a community vote on Tuesday, 5/23 at the Spring BSCO Community Meeting in the BSE Library.  These bylaws are the product of a months long collaboration between the BSCO Bylaw Committee and the BSCO Board.

You can view the final draft here, as well as step through a comparison chart between our current bylaws/Handbook and our new draft.

The draft itself has remained relatively unchanged since it was first published last winter.  However, there has been one rather significant revision-- the restoration of the Member-at-Large Board position, as well as the addition of clarifying language in the reimbursement policy.


In our previous bylaw drafts presented for public feedback last winter, the Member-at-Large position had been eliminated.  However, upon further review and debate, we have restored this as an optional position into BSCO’s Board of Directors.  

Why the change?

In the last six weeks, as Board members began organizing their work to be transferred to next year’s Board, it became apparent that having a flexible officer to cover the nonspecific, often changing needs would prove beneficial to the future of BSCO and the community expectations of its Board officers.  

The benefits are threefold:

  1. Internal Board Support-- The addition of another set of informed, motivated hands allows the Board to function successfully through the inevitable limitations that arise due to work, travel, and life.  Having a flexible position capable of filling in for an officer, handling day to day BSCO affairs, and stepping in as needs arise will improve the overall impact and success of the Board.

  2. Initiatives Beyond What’s Required-- The bylaws specifically list the duties of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communications, Director of Committees and Director of Volunteer Support.  Each of these positions, on their own, are a significant ask and time-commitment for a parent volunteering their time.

    However, if BSCO is to continue to improve and build-upon past successes and take risks on new endeavors, the Board will need a position to initiate and lead any new initiatives and projects.  That point person will need to be motivated and informed in the goals and vision of the Board and shouldn’t be expected to have additional office duties.

  3. Realignment of Expectations--  We have been graced with incredible volunteers and leaders who have given literally thousands of hours to the improvement of BSCO’s infrastructure and programs.  However, it is unreasonable and unsustainable to expect that level of commitment and dedication from parents every year.  By building in a position to tackle the new endeavors, the community can realign its expectations of what a Board position requires.

But what does a Member-at-Large even do?  

The official language used in our draft is as follows:

The Member-at-Large shall:

  1. Serve in a supportive role to the duties of the President and Board of Directors.

  2. Organize and/or provide support for any Board projects that further the mission of BSCO, based on the needs of the current year, as identified by the Board of Directors.  Examples include, but are not limited to community surveys, facility improvement projects, additional community outreach, and volunteer or communication initiatives.

  3. Remain vacant until all other Director offices are filled.

The Member-at-Large will internally support the other Board members and be expected to take on one or more identifiable initiatives/projects that further or improve BSCO’s mission.  Also, the office won’t be filled until all other officers are secured, ensuring that before BSCO can take on anything extra, we are covered in the essential positions needed to function.

Please note that this does not change the maximum number of Board members, which is restricted to nine.

Since it wasn’t advertised as being an open position, who will fill this role next year?

We were lucky enough to receive six Board applications for five open positions.  Several of these applicants were open to any number of positions, allowing for some room to maneuver.


In addition to restoring the Member-at-Large position, there was also clarification on expense reimbursements. The language used is as follows:

All community members are expected to act responsibly, professionally and truthfully when incurring and submitting costs for reimbursement. The organization will reimburse members for reasonable expenses on pre-approved business. This includes, for example, food, vendors, supplies, decorations, and purchases made on behalf of the organization.

  1. The original or a picture of original receipts are required or reimbursement of all expenses.

  2. Receipts must be accompanied by a summary of the nature and purpose of the expense.

  3. Reimbursement submission is recommended and encouraged within 30 days of purchase and within the current fiscal year. Receipts submitted after 6 months will not be reimbursed.

This change was made to ensure that reimbursement requests are made for legitimate purposes and within a reasonable timeframe.

Recognition of Short Notice

We understand that this is a significant change to the drafts we presented last winter and that this timing does not allow for a substantial timeframe for feedback.  Building your trust, communicating our intentions, and requesting constructive feedback has been the Board’s goal from the very beginning of this endeavor.  

With these revisions, both the Bylaw Committee & the BSCO Board are proud to present a finished product that is flexible, sustainable and accountable.  This document represents our best guess as to BSCO’s needs and effective policies for years to come.

Please accept our sincerest apology for the short-notice to this change.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to Elia Freedman (


Please join us on 5/23 to participate in the election of our 2017-18 slate.

  • President, Ashish Gupta
  • Vice President, Ellen Rothery
  • Secretary, Andrea Steyskal
  • Treasurer, Melissa Gatchell
  • Director of Committees, Holly VanderPloeg
  • Directors of Volunteer Support, Jenna Dornblaser and DeDe Osborne
  • Director of Communications, Josh Resch
  • Member-at-Large, Kelly Kinzer

We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, 5/23, at our Spring Community Meeting at 7pm in the BSE Library.