2017 Bridge the Gap Cancelled

Once again, Bonny Slope-- Bridge the Gap is CANCELLED! 
Yes, that’s right. Like last year, this incredible community has answered the call and provided the necessary funding for our 2016-17 budget.  And that’s all we asked for-- enough to provide the excellent programming and events you’ve come to expect, listed in our annual budget.  Our final fundraiser, Bridge the Gap, won’t be necessary this school year and it’s all because of generous parents like you.

Last October, Jog-a-thon demolished its goal, netting over $60,000.  Last month’s Vegas, Baby Auction pulled in over $70,000 in profits, bringing our 2016-17 fundraising total well above the $111,425 needed to fulfill this year’s budget.

BSCO’s VP for Fundraising, Ava Palmquist, commented, “Our community consistently steps up to ensure every single student at Bonny Slope benefits from the programs and activities BSCO offers, and it’s seriously awe inspiring!”

Your BSCO Board intends for the additional funds gained this year to be put toward replacing several failing classroom projectors.  Additionally, these funds will again provide free Monster Mash and Carnival admittance, a school wide online math subscription, and-- new next year--- a Student Body Paper Fund, where BSCO will purchase the reams of paper formerly listed on school supply lists, eliminating this cost for parents.

If approved at the Community Meeting on May 23rd, these endeavors will ensure that every dollar donated in 2016-17 is spent in a timely and prudent manner, positively impacting every single student and family.

Will Bridge the Gap be back next year?  Well, that’s a question to be answered next spring.  However, instead of hounding you for money and sending out desperate pleas this May, we get to enjoy this glorious spring sunshine and celebrate, because the job is already done.  

Bravo, BSE.  As always, you continue to amaze.