BSE Fifth Grade Service Project Seeks Volunteers

In lieu of a class gift to the school grounds, all current fifth graders are invited to attend one of three evening, off-site volunteer events at NW Children’s Outreach.  Fifth graders can choose between three nights to volunteer and help needy children, while surrounded by their BSE classmates.

NW Children’s Outreach is a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the Portland area and surrounding communities. Donations and volunteers help fill the needs of these families, providing clothing, infant care products, diapers, formula and many of the other necessities parents need for their children.  “Bonny Slope 5th graders will be making a big difference in these kids lives,” shares Heather Beach, volunteer director.

Students will be carefully selecting clothing, shoes, toys and games for local children from about one year old to 18 years old, many without any more clothing than what they are wearing. Each volunteer wears a lanyard with a list of what goes into the bags and the quantity, making this job as easy as possible.  Limited adult volunteers will oversee the packing of the clothing bags, ensuring the correct sizes in each bag.

All interested students are invited to sign-up for one evening to participate.  Optional dates include Tuesday, May 30th, Wednesday, May 31st and Monday, June 5th .  Parents would drop off students at NW Children’s Outreach at 6:40 and pick-up at 8:30pm.

Fifth grade parents, please keep in mind:

  • Only sign-up for one evening, at least for now.  We would like as many students as possible to have an opportunity to participate. As the dates approach, we will have a better understanding of what evenings still need help and if there is a possibility of multiple nights.
  • Parent volunteer slots are limited.  Because of space restrictions, NW Children’s Outreach can only accommodate a limited number of parent helpers.
  • In order to allow our fifth graders to fully support and experience the NCO volunteer opportunity, please leave younger siblings at home.
  • Drop-off is at 6:40pm and pick up is at 8:30pm.  NW Children’s Outreach is located at 5525 SW Menlo Drive, Beaverton. The parking area and entrance are on the southwest side of Westside Church of Christ.
  • Contact Hannah Donohue if you are in need of a carpool.

Additional questions can be directed to Jessica Gaibler.

Upcoming Fifth Grade Dates:

  • Deadline to submit photos for slideshow-- Friday, 5/19
  • Fifth Grade Music Program--Wed, 5/24 @ 7pm
  • Exhibition Evening-- Wed, 6/14 from 6-8pm
  • Fifth Grade Send-off-- Wed, 6/21 from noon-3pm
  • Fifth Grade Talent Showcase-- Thurs, 6/22 @ 9am
  • Parents v. Kids Kickball-- Thurs, 6/22 @ 1pm
  • Fifth Grade Clap-out-- Thurs, 6/22 @ 3:05 (but come early to snag a decent hall spot)