Science Fair Showcases Student Scientists

This year’s Science Fair took place on Friday, April 7 with more than 90 budding scientists and engineers pre-registered to present projects at the 9th annual event. Mother Nature taunted with her ability to turn off the power with a strong gust of wind, but by the time 6 o'clock rolled around she had all but disappeared!   

Our scientists gathered in the gym ready to chat with volunteers about their ideas and methods of investigation.  Meanwhile in the hallways, families roamed through several hand-on exhibits, including a variety of technology exhibits from Beaverton School District's Future Ready team.   

While some students checked out their robots and paper-circuits, there was a collection of meteorites from PSU's Cascadia Research Lab that everyone was able to hold and examine with magnets. Geologist Dick Pugh informed inquisitive minds on how these specimens survived their fall to earth.   

Also in the hallway was a pair of beekeepers from Bee Thinking that brought a beekeeper outfit complete with hats and gloves to try on.   They had a honeycomb to touch and (yum!) sticks of honey to pass out.   Back in the gym, students were able to design and engineer paper-cup flying machines with the help of a giant box fan.    

“Students and families really enjoyed this year's fair,” said Science Fair Lead Lianne Yarvis.  “I’d like to give a special shout-out to our volunteers from Sunset High and Cedar Park who came out to supplement our parent volunteers.  They did reviews at every grade level and were essential in ensuring that students received two reviews.”

The Bonny Slope Science Fair is funded through your generous BSCO donation.