BSCO Board Snapshot & Treasurer's Report: April 2017

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

April Meeting-- 4/17/2017

The BSCO Board continued their work on 2017-18’s budget and committee leads.  DeDe Osborne & Ava Palmquist were unable to attend.

Hannah Donohue, President, reported that the projector project has once again hit a snag.  The planned work over spring break was unable to be completed.  Crews had hoped to open up the wall panel to install the AV box.  This step is necessary in order to continue the installation of the projector, but now must wait until July.  Since the time of this meeting, the final check request for contracted work has been submitted.  Once received, installation is on track to begin next July. It appears this project will come in slightly under budget, closer to $21,300.

BSCO’s Listening Sessions were productive, but under-attended.  A full recap of discussion can be found here.  No suggestions were offered for our current bylaw draft.  The Parliamentarian has received enough applications to fill the 2017-18 Board.  Transitioning these new members will begin this spring.  Hannah and the front office are already at work on next year’s Dates To Remember.

The Board discussed a suggestion from a parent regarding BSCO providing funds to pave the back trail behind the school, starting at 117th (off Blackhawk) and leading towards the bus loop.  After much consideration, the Board opted not to pursue this project.  The main factor in that decision was the impact of broadening BSCO's purview.  At this time, the Board is trepidatious of creating a precedent that could escalate into multiple and more complex requests that would take away from the focus of providing events, programs and student enrichment for BSE's student body.  However, the Board is open to contacting THPRD to see what their improvement plans are, if any, as well as asking BSD to remeasure and reassess their safe routes from that area of Blackhawk.  The Board is also in full support of communicating any neighborhood or parent-led initiative through the BSCO blog.

Ms. Gillard is looking for volunteers to help create an installation at BSE.  Students would draw and color one of the flags from their countries of origin onto shrinky dink material.  After shrinking, each class’ collection would be mounted and framed and then permanently installed at the school.  Please let Jenna and DeDe ( if you are interested in assisting with this project.

BSCO’s treasurer’s YTD report looks on track.   Auction sponsorships have been successful and the teacher grant total was adjusted after further review.

The Board reviewed the second draft of the 2017-18 budget.  Additional changes include adding a “Scientist/Coder in Residence” as well as a Cultural Night.  BSE staff brought the idea of a cultural event to the listening sessions and the Board agreed to fund this endeavor.  IXL was changed to a generic “Math Subscription” after many parents mentioned that teachers were recommending other math subscriptions.  BSD is rolling out a new math adoption next year and BSCO will wait to see what is offered.

The Board also decided to obtain a quote to learn the cost of BSCO providing two reams of paper per student next fall, thereby eliminating it from the student supply lists.   Since the time of this meeting, the Board has received a quote of $3550 for 1300 reams of paper.  The Board has voted to add this paper purchase into the Carry-Over Funds Reduction portion of next year’s budget.  This would not only spend down savings, but also provide a service to every single family. 

Director of Committees, Holly Vanderploeg, shared that Carnival is working hard, already securing food carts and inflatables.  The Garden is looking to fix  the irrigation system soon and is again partnering with Terra Nova.  The fifth grade activities committee has also been hard at work, securing sponsorships and vendors.  This year’s fifth grade committee is also in the process of scheduling a fifth grade service project to take place outside of school, hopefully in late May/early June.

The Board reviewed the various committee lead openings for next year.  Current openings include Artist in Residence, Auction, Carnival, Garden, OBOB, Production and Scientist/Coder in Residence.


The Board relooked at a teacher grant request from first grade teacher, Bitsy Parks.  The grant asked for funds for six HOKKI stools for her classroom, totalling $665. Last month, the Board opted to table this request to see if any new grants would come in.  With no new teacher grant applications submitted and it being so near the end of the year, the Board voted to approve this request.


The Board voted to approve a budget request submitted by Jenna Dornblaser for an adult Bobcat costume, totally $369.  The costume will be used for many events, including Kindergarten Roundup, assemblies, Back to School Picnic, Monster Mash, Carnival and Jog-a-thon.  This will come from the Committee Discretionary budget.