Kindergarten Roundup Rallies Crowd  

Last week’s Kindergarten Roundup was a popular and exciting affair.  Over 70 new kinders and their families were on hand to enjoy school tours (led by some charming fifth graders), move through a brain boost, and hear informative presentations by BSE administration and staff.

For those unable to attend, you can step through the slideshow here.

Here are some helpful tips for all new incoming families from your future friends here at BSCO.


  1. You are automatically a member of BSCO.  No fees.  No sign-up.  Just by being a parent at BSE, you have a vote.  Join the conversation.
  2. Volunteering isn’t just for stay-at home moms. Your participation matters.   BSCO provides a wide & varied range of volunteering opportunities.  Participation in our BSE community will look different for every parent & family.  Ready to dive into the classroom?  We’ve got that for you.  Only available in the evening?  Plenty of chances.  Just able to attend the events?  We’ll take that too.
  3. We have only three community meetings a year. Forget the monthly meetings where we spend an hour debating the cost of cookies.  Time is precious.  Our meetings are pertinent and informative.  We will recap our events & programs, as well gain input on any major decisions, all in an hour.  Plus… snacks.  Obviously.
  4. We offer a Parent Education series & monthly Principal Chats throughout the year. Our adults-only Parent Ed evenings are well attended, pertinent & relevant to the parenting struggle today.  Our monthly Principal Chats are an opportunity to personally ask Janet & Ali all your juicy questions regarding policy, educational standards & administrative decisions.
  5. We have two major fundraisers a year.  Jog-a-thon (in the fall) is a super-fun, kid-driven event.  The Soiree & Auction (each spring) is an adults-only evening out with your friends & neighbors.


  1. Register your child for school ASAP.  Students equal staff.  By registering your child prior to May 1st, you help BSE gain the necessary number of teachers.  Now tell all your neighbors.
  2. Complete your background check TONIGHT.  Don’t wait.  ALL ADULTS who intend to step past the office during the school day need to pass a background check.  Even to have lunch with your hooligan.  Even for Grandma to sit-in on your minion’s presentation.  No exceptions. All the required links can be found at
  3. Drop in to our Summer Playground Playdates.  Every Monday in August from 4-5:30pm @ the BSE playground.  Pop in & meet the faces you’ll be seeing for the next decade and beyond.
  4. Subscribe to our social media.  On Facebook, like us at “Bonny Slope Community Organization” (main page) & search for “Bonny Slope Incoming Kinders” (closed group).  On Instagram, follow us at “bsco_bonnyslope.”
  5. Explore our website at  Our website is BSCO HQ, with program and event news & info, budget details and volunteering links.  If you’d like to always be in the know, subscribe to our blog posts and receive the full text straight to your inbox (at most one email per day, sign up box on the right side of the home page).  You also have the option of subscribing to the public Dates to Remember calendar, so you’ll always have the correct day & time automatically on your phone.