Shuhe Hawkins Joins Bonny Slope as Artist in Residence

Bonny Slope Community Organization has invited Shuhe Hawkins to lead our 2017 Artist in Residence program.  During the program students will be creating masks which will develop skills in basic sculpting, process oriented learning, objective observation, and hand-eye coordination.

We need parent volunteers to help Shuhe in the classroom starting Monday, March 6.    Shuhe is meeting with each class, grades 1 thru 5, on 4 separate days.  Kindergarten will be 2 days.  Each classroom session is 1 hour.

Bio - Shuhe Hawkins has been a professional mask maker & performer since 1998 & has worked with many local theaters including Tears of Joy, NWCT, OCT & many civic arts organizations. He has taught thousands of students all around the western US & has developed a unique residency which incorporates the basics of sculpting, eye to hand coordination & fundamental stage skills.

Shuhe believes in challenging every student's mind through both their intellect & creativity, in a process that requires a structured approach & also allows for individual interpretation. His main goals are to encourage young people to truly observe what they see by incorporating both shape & color into their mask creation, & to increase self-confidence by succeeding at a “tricky” project & through public performance. His favorite part of teaching is the process of discovery for both the kids & himself.

"Shuhe gave individual attention to each child. He kept students focused and productive, and all were successful." --3rd grade teacher, PPS