BSCO Board Snapshot: March 2017 Meeting

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

March Meeting-- 3/20/2017

The BSCO Board joined forces to discuss 2017-18’s budget, Board and committee leads.  DeDe Osborne was unable to attend.

Hannah Donohue, President, reported that the projector project has made progress.  Over spring break, work will begin on opening up the wall panel to install the AV box.  This step is necessary in order to continue the installation of the projector.  

The Board will host two Listening Sessions on Wed, 4/12 at both 8:30am and 7pm.  This will truly be a listening exercise as we hope to hear more from parents about all things BSCO.  The 2017-18 budget and proposed bylaws will be on hand for community review.

BSCO’s treasurer’s report looks good.   All items continue to appear on track.  Our matching funds income has been a pleasant surprise.

The Board reviewed the first draft of the 2017-18 budget.  The most significant changes include the reduction of the Technology budget (unneeded with BSD’s Future Ready initiative and influx of devices) and the movement of Science Enrichment into the “Teacher Support” umbrella (which would continue to fund hands-on science but would move from a parent coordinated program to the purview of the PYP coordinator).  Additionally, Jog-a-thon’s net income goal was increased to better represent the current fundraising landscape.  Free admittance to Carnival and Monster Mash, as well as an IXL subscription were again included in the Carry-Over Funds Reduction.  Smaller budget changes were discussed and the second draft will be available for public comment at the LIstening Sessions on 4/12.

Director of Committees, Holly Vanderploeg, shared that BSE’s OBOB team will be headed to state, and the Artist in Residence, Shuhe Hawkins, has begun his classroom projects.  Parent feedback has been positive to this project and dynamic artist.  Parent Ed finished it’s run (with excellent attendance all year), but will also fund a Social Media presentation to the fifth grade in April.  Science Fair sign-ups are now live with over 80 students signed up already.  The event itself will feature the Future Bus, bee-keepers and other new science vendors.  The Author Visit is this Thursday and is all set to go.


The Board reviewed the various committee lead openings for next year.  Not every current lead has gotten back to Holly, but some confirmed committee openings include OBOB, Community Garden and Auction.  Holly will put together a blog post soon to begin recruitment for those positions.

Ava Palmquist, VP for Fundraising, reports that Jog-a-thon is finally over!  The final prize party happened last week.  Auction ticket sales are going well and everything seems on track.  Any funds over our budget will go towards replacing failing classroom projectors and document cameras.



The Board reviewed a teacher grant request from first grade teacher, Bitsy Parks.  The grant asked for funds for six HOKKI stools for her classroom, totalling $647.70. With just under $1000 left in the Teacher Grant fund this year (and a solid three months to go), the Board opted to table this request and see if there were possible cheaper alternatives.  If no new grant applications come in by April’s meeting, the Board will re-discuss this request.