Students Celebrate 2016 Jog-a-thon Success with Dance Party

After several snow delays, Bonny Slope students were finally able to boogie down and celebrate their own fundraising success during the second annual all-school dance party.  Because of the record-breaking total and continued high donation participation, the school earned a live DJ dance party on Friday, 1/27.

This is the second year that Jog-a-thon organizers have used the all-school dance party as an incentive.  After learning pros and cons from last year’s event, several changes were made, including splitting the school into two groups, pairing fifth graders with their kindergarten buddies, and slightly decreasing the dance time.

Limiting the loss of instructional time, especially after the record number of snow days, was also taken into consideration.  The dance party took place during an already scheduled assembly time slot, so no additional class time was missed.

“The kids let loose and had a great time dancing together! The dancing was entertaining! Lots on conga lines and kids dancing in groups. It was a very celebratory environment,” shares Jog-a-thon co-chair Jenny Johnson.

BSE Principal, Janet Maza, agrees, stating, "I love having an all school dance party!  Every student gets a chance to get in the groove and show their favorite moves.  I especially like watching students break out into group dances that they have learned during our brain boosts.  It is also fun (and sometimes hilarious)  to see Bonny Slope teachers dancing with the students!"

Huge thanks is due to our incredible community for their generous and record-breaking fundraising efforts last fall.