Who Loves a Party?

The sign-up parties are one of the most popular and successful components of the auction fundraiser, most of them filling up the night of the event. This is where we NEED YOUR HELP!

The auction needs a bigger selection of sign-up parties, including those that can be attended by families. Prior years' parties have been enormously popular - below are examples of parties hosted by our parent community:

  • Mom's Wine Night
  • Lip Sync Battle
  • Poker Night
  • The Amazing Race
  • Dad's Brew Bus
  • Portland Coffee Tour
  • Kids Tea Party
  • Margarita Mommas
  • Badminton Tournament

Most parties are co-hosted by 2-5 families who split the planning and expenses to bring a memorable night to other parents AND raise money for our students. Parties do NOT have to be elaborate or fancy - the simplest gathering can be a great way for parents or kids to have a great time hanging out with other members of the Bonny Slope community!

Do YOU have any party ideas? Would you be willing to partner up with a few other families to host a gathering? If you're interested in throwing a shindig but are drawing a blank on ideas, contact us and let us help. Here are just a few suggested party themes that can be executed simply... and WE NEED YOU to help make them a success:

  • Family Movie Night (outside perhaps?)
  • Kids Obstacle Course
  • Family Game Night
  • Your Very Own Party Idea!

Parties are a GREAT way to meet other families at Bonny Slope and create a closer community and stronger friendships. If you're interested in being apart of this fun and wildly successful fundraiser, contact us at auction@bscobonnyslope.org. We welcome your involvement in any capacity!