Mark Lawrence, Author Visit and Book Pre-Order Opportunity

On March 23, 2017, Bonny Slope is welcoming author Mike Lawrence to speak with the students. He's a respected author/illustrator and will be presenting in three smaller assemblies. We are very excited to welcome him to our school. Powell’s bookstore is helping make this happen for our community. They are offering his newest book, pre-ordered before the assembly, at a discounted rate.

His newest book is Star Scouts. In Star Scouts, an Indian-American girl named Avani moves to a new town and joins the local 'Flower Scouts' troop -- but finds that the girls want to talk about clothes and boys all the time and not have adventures. Luckily, she's accidentally collected as a specimen by the the intergalactic troop of Star Scouts and ends up joining them instead. Star Scouts is for kids age 8-12, and fans of light-hearted science fiction and adventure. Our protagonist is a Hindi-speaker with a love of rodeo and a chip on her shoulder. Girls who feel like outsiders will relate to this unique character. Mike Lawrence is the award-winning illustrator of Muddy Max: The Mystery of Marsh Creek (with Elizabeth Rusch) and the novel The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl (by Melissa Kell).

If you are interested in pre-ordering this book, we have created an online order form for your convenience. Orders must be placed no later than March 8th.