So What's this Vegas Auction About?

As we get closer to auction tickets going on sale, this year’s theme may have you wondering how to dress for a Vegas theme at a school auction? This theme was chosen specifically because of its broad appeal and the opportunity it provides for parents to put their own spin on attire. If you are looking for some ways to dress up with Veg in mind, here are some suggestions.

Dress up! Much like going to dinner and a show in Las Vegas, this year’s auction is a great reason to get into some fancy duds and enjoy a dressy night out, sans kids. 

Did someone say sparkle? If you're feeling fun, dress up like Elvis or someone from one of Vegas's extravagant shows. Every shiny, glittery outfit possible will fit in with this year’s theme, and no feather head-dress can be too over-the-top. 

Movie theme! Popular movies like Ocean’s 11 and The Hangover also provide a bevy of memorable characters - pick your favorite, get some friends in on the action and swagger in ready to get attention. Creativity is welcomed and is often what makes our BSCO auctions so hilarious and memorable.

And remember, unlike the real Las Vegas, what happens at the Bobcat Soiree and Auction gets posted on Facebook, so keep it classy and appropriate! 

If you have any questions, please contact the auction at

We're looking forward to another fun, laugh-filled and memorable night with our Bonny Slope Community, building bonds and raising funds to support our kids.