BSCO Special Session Approves Science School Experience


Meeting Minutes
Slides of the meeting can be found here.

BSCO Special Session
Date: 11/27/17
Location:  BSE Conference Room

Attendance:  Ashish Gupta, Andrea Steyskal, Ellen Rothery, Currie Reese, Maureen Louie, Hannah Donohue, Jenna Dornblaser, Emily Holmes, Ali Montelongo, Janet Maza, Julie Gupta, Tami Kim, Hyeseon Jo, Holly Vanderploeg, Christopher Basham

Call to Order:  2:32pm

New Business

Mazamas Mountain 5th Grade Science School Experience ($2500 allocation)


This year, the 5th grade classes are looking at attending a Science School Experience called Mazamas Mountain School near Government Camp.  It is run through Multnomah ESD and is a two-night science experience.  Two classes will go up at a time, with each trip taking place in February 2018.

Because BSCO’s next community meeting isn’t scheduled until late January, the special session and vote was necessary in order to secure our reservation with Mazamas and begin the necessary paperwork through BSD.

Janet Maza, principal, described the various steps needed in order for this trip to become a reality.  The first step is to approve funding.  If BSCO approves the allocation, then the necessary paperwork is submitted to BSD’s Risk Management. This trip is not a “done deal” yet, but today’s vote is a necessary step in the process.

Ashish Gupta, President, stepped through the various reasons for today’s special session.  First, the differences in cost from using the budget of last year's off site school and the proposed Science School were presented.  Various items make Mazamas more expensive, including BSD’s requirement that a BSD nurse be included in the trips.  The cost of the experience and transportation are also slightly more expensive than last year’s School.  

With the Board’s conservative estimates, an additional $2470 may be needed to fund this endeavor, depending on the number of students attending and the income from Pancake Breakfast.  Because of BSCO’s solid savings and the successful fundraising so far this year, the Board believes that this allocation is reasonable and prudent.

Parents asked several questions, including the inclement weather policy.  Bonny Slope will be billed after the experience, so if weather cancels the trip, no payment is due.  The students will be taking regular school busses to the camp.  The family contribution has been capped at $70/student, though there will be some sort of scholarship or sliding scale available, allowing parents to cover a portion of other students who need financial aid.  The camp itself has loaner snow pants and coats for those students unable to bring their own.

The motion was brought to a vote and passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned:  3:03pm