OBOB Update November 30th


You may have heard from your child about the first tactic session meeting on Monday, November 27. Although it was a short meeting during recess, we covered a lot of information.  Please review the information with your kiddo(s) at home just in case they missed the Tactic Session meeting.

Handouts included:

Parents, if your child(ren) has(have) not given you a Parent Permission Form to sign, please fill it out and have your child(ren) turn it into the OBOB tray in the library.  There were many kiddos at the Tactic Session who did not have Parent Permission Form on file.

Next Tactic Session meeting is on December 7.  There will be a flash quiz on OBOB authors and title. 12 correct answers gets a ticket in the raffle for a current OBOB book during the Tactic Session meeting on December 19.

All OBOB info is on our website at http://www.bonnyslopebsco.org/oregon-battle-of-the-books/.