STEM in Residency program kicks-off!

On Monday, November 20, four Bonny Slope classrooms will kick off our inaugural STEM in Residence program!  This year's program will focus on coding and will take place during the Technology and Library Specials time.  Students in grades 2-5 will rotate through 1-hr session each week for 4 weeks, running right up until winter break. 


To deliver this program we have partnered with Saturday Academy who has taught similar 'in Residence' programs at nearby schools.  Not to be left out, our Kindy and 1st grade students will also participate in their own version of STEM in Residence taught by staffer Laurel Nakano.  As reading skills aren't as developed, they will complete a different curriculum but nonetheless also be educated about and learn coding.

Our 4-week residence program coincides with Computer Science Week, Dec 4-10, and as a school we will acknowledge the connection during that week's assembly.  And great news!...we were able to create and deliver this program for about $4,800, which is 60% of what was budgeted!  Thank you parents for your generosity to support BSCO programs like this!!