Principal Chat & Special Session Community Meeting, Nov 27th 2-3pm

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Bonny Slope Community Organization invites you to a principal chat, community meeting and vote scheduled for Monday, Nov 27 at 2pm in the BSE Main Office. Chat with our principal Janet Maza about BSE’s plans to send fifth grade students to Mazamas Mountain Science School for three days and two nights in Feb 2018. EVERY SINGLE PARENT at Bonny Slope is a voting member of BSCO.  All are invited and encouraged to attend.


  • 2-2:30pm - Principal Chat
  • 2:30-3pm - Learn about 5th grade Science School, vote on $2500 in additional funds required

Science School FAQ

Question: What is Mazamas Mountain Science School?
Answer: With Outdoor School moving to sixth grade, BSE administration and 5th grade teachers have found a new outdoor science experience. It is designed specifically for fifth graders, and aims to enhance their science inquiry skills while teaching about mountain ecosystems. Learn more here:

Question: Ok, this sounds exciting! When can my kiddo attend?
Answer: All current fifth grade students at Bonny Slope will attend in Feb 2018. If successful, we hope this becomes an annual fifth grade tradition.

Question: But don’t we already have $9600 earmarked for “Outdoor School,” plus the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser and student contribution?
Answer: Yes! However, Outdoor School has historically been subsidized with a metro grant that’s no longer applicable. Even with a $70 student contribution, we’re still short ~$21/student, which is why we need a community vote to approve an additional $2500. Our current savings allows for this expenditure.

Question: Why do we need a special session?
Answer: Our next scheduled community meeting is on Jan 31, 2018 which doesn’t provide us with enough advance notice for science school that begins on Feb 13. BSCO’s bylaws require a community vote for any new expense over $1,000 - hence the special session on Nov 27th.

Question: I’m in. What can I do?
Answer: Attend the special session community meeting on Nov 27 at 2pm at the main office and vote!

We look forward to seeing you.  Questions regarding any of these items can be directed to Ashish Gupta (

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