Prospective Staff Appreciation Volunteers Wanted

Hello Staff Appreciation Volunteers!

First of all, thanks to each and every one of you for considering volunteering for Staff Appreciation.  We think this is one of the most rewarding committees to lead because it lends us all an opportunity to give back to the teachers and staff. And, listen up guys and gals…. THEY LOVE US!

If you’re new to us this year, hang on for a fun and wild ride.  

We’ve got a great year planned.  Our budget remains the same as last year and we will continue to purchase the items for "Stock the Pantry” as well as continual coffee and tea pods.  Some events, we plan to repeat and also have some fresh ideas to throw in.  Take a look!

  • SEPTEMBER:   Just last week, we kicked off our first activity, known as “Stock the Pantry.”  We purchased a variety of foods and drinks, coffee and tea,  and stocked the cupboard and fridge in the staff lounge and it was a huge success!  Our email inbox filled up with huge thanks from the staff.  We plan to repeat this two more times this year to help supplement their lunches and help out in times that a fast snack is necessary.  

  • OCTOBER:  Conference dinner on 10/11 and conference snacks on 10/12.  These will be potlucks and provided by YOU! Sign-up here to donate some deliciousness.

  • NOVEMBER:  “We Want Pie”  will be back and you’ll have the chance to Martha it up with your greatest pie recipes to date!  Save the date 11/20 and stay tuned for a Sign-up Genius.

  • DECEMBER:  Holiday cookie boxes.  We’ll need lots of volunteers to bake their favorite cookies and elves to help package and distribute.  Save the date 12/18 and stay tuned for a Sign-up Genius.

  • JANUARY:  “Stock the Pantry”  

  • FEBRUARY:  Valentine’s day something or other.  TBD— holler if you have a great idea!

  • MARCH:  Conference dinner on 3/7 and conference snacks on 3/8.  These will be potlucks and provided by YOU!  Stay tuned for a Sign-up Genius.

  • APRIL:  “Stock the Pantry”

  • MAY:  Staff Appreciation Week 5/7-5/11.  Theme yet to be determined.  Again, holler with thoughts and ideas!

The beauty of this committee is that you don’t have to volunteer for every event.  Jump in when you can and rely on your community when you can’t.  We’ll keep you informed and send the Sign-up Genius link 2-3 weeks prior to the events. Email if you’d like to be added to our mailing list.

Here’s to a great year!

Stefanie & Sierra