Cultural Richness Committee Takes Off

Last week, Bonny Slope’s Cultural Richness committee met and had poignant conversations regarding their hopes, dreams and goals for our children with regard toward cultural awareness, classroom practices and experiences, and BSCO events.  

During our collaborative time together, many great ideas were captured, and will now be shared with our administrative team and staff.  Many of the committee’s ideas can easily be implemented now, but many others will take extensive collaborative planning and execution on the part of our parent population.  

Moving forward you will hopefully see a variety of various cultural ideas come to fruition that promote and celebrate all of our cultural heritages. These are incredibly exciting times for our kids to establish a profound sense of who they are, both individually and culturally.  

If you would like become a more active participant in this, please feel free to email  We look forward to growing our membership and supporting our children to become as open-minded and appreciative of diversity as possible.