2017 Winter Community Meeting Round-Up


A nice crowd gathered for the Winter BSCO Community meeting to hear the latest updates from the Board and Bonny Slope Principal Janet Maza.

Good things are happening at Bonny Slope. Your donations have funded expanded technology across the entire school, the wall-mounted projector is in process to be installed, classroom support grants have been awarded for books, intervention kits, Mathracks and more.

Coming up over the next few months are some excellent Parent Education evenings, with the next February 7th. The Bobcat Auction is back again this year, with tickets on sale starting in March. Book Fair is scheduled for the week of February 13th and Science Fair in April. Plus there are on-going events: Art Literacy, Science Enrichment, Geo Club, OBOB, Bobcat Trail Club and more.

Financially, BSCO is in good shape. At the half way point of the school year, we have raised $88,000 and spent $69,000. Our goal is to raise $152,000 with a total budget of $188,000, which includes a spend down of previous year's carry-forwards.

Frankly, the winter meeting was a warm up for a pretty big spring meeting. BSCO's Board needs to replace five members this year, there is a re-write of BSCO's bylaws prepared for a vote, and the 2017-18 budget is up for a vote.

For the full Winter Community meeting report, please read the minutes here.