Bylaw Draft Ready for Preview

The BSCO Bylaw Committee have completed their first draft of BSCO’s proposed bylaws and are looking for public review and comment through March 1st.

This handy chart summarizes the major similarities/changes from the current Bylaws and Handbook and the current Bylaw draft.  Both the current and proposed draft are available online. Feedback can be given to Elia Freedman, Secretary.

The current bylaws and Board Handbook have not been amended since the school opened in 2008.  The goals and intention in revising BSCO’s current bylaws is to create more specific internal controls.  The Board announced its intention to revise these bylaws back in September 2016.  

A huge thanks is due to Yolanda Leal, Mindy Poorman, Kate Resch, and Lianne Yarvis, the non-Board community members who worked to complete this draft along with Elia Freedman, Secretary, and Hannah Donohue, President.

The BSCO Board intends to vote on a finished bylaw proposal at the Spring Community Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, May 23, 2017.