Snow Days Force Full Stop

This winter’s unprecedented snow closures have left Bonny Slope parents relaxing, stressing, and generally at wit’s end when it comes to entertaining, managing, and surviving an extended winter holiday.  With seven extra days at home (and possibly more), parents have had to get creative in their coping skills.  

Hashtags trending through neighborhood Instagram and twitter feeds included #pleaseno, #canteven, #whywhywhy and #nowords.  

Thankfully the days of actual powder on the ground has allowed for actual sledding, snowball fights and creative snowmans.  BSE mom, Ava Palmquist, describes some of her most cherished moments, stating, "I love spending an hour getting the boys ready to play in the snow, only to have them ring the doorbell 18 times to ask to come back inside."

Local girl scouts hit the pavement peddling their cookies, while other parents strapped on skis to enjoy the nearest slope.  Ice skating proved a popular choice, from the local rinks to a couple frozen ponds in the backyard.

Working from home also has its challenges.  Bridget Flannery Clark shares, “I am delighted to be working from home with my pumpkins again!  They totally appreciate the need to not ask for snacks while I am hosting a conference call.”

Pursuing enriching experiences that broaden academic brainpower is essential to coping with the long days.  Hannah Donohue describes her recent experience, sharing, “I forced them to read, play together and pull out a critical thinking board game.  It was a lovely morning until they were done at 8:47am.”

When asked for pictures showing their snowpocalypse experience, Sara Peters humbly confesses, “I wouldn't want to show off and send pictures of my kids watching TV...all day.”  Other non-outdoor activities that BSE families took part in were bowling, practicing an instrument, playdough, sewing and exploring 3-D printers.  Other popular choices included baking cookies, drawing, puzzles and terrorizing siblings.

Requiring household chores can also be an exciting addition to any snow day.  “Word to the wise-- asking a teenager to clean their shower basically ignites World War 3.  Or... so I’m told,” Donohue adds.

As always, there’s usually something to be grateful for.  “Silver lining? Two less weeks of summer camp to pay for!” notes Flannery Clark, as we might be looking at July 4th as the first official day of summer break.