Jog-a-Thon Numbers Climb; 2016 Class Info Available

With just eight days left until our epic Bonny Slope Jog-a-Thon on Friday, 10/7, our fundraising numbers continue to mount.  As of Wednesday, 9/28, this generous community has already pledged $20,191, with 135 students donating in some capacity.  

The school participation goal is 516 students, roughly 80% of our student body.  Any donation, large or small, is considered participation. With 135 students already participating online, we are 26% towards our participation goal and hope to drive those numbers up in the next several days.

Top individual participants are:

  1. Leah F.
  2. Kate H., Brady L., Maddie L. (three-way tie)
  3. Aashir P.

The top donating class is also a dead heat -- both Mr. Traller’s and Ms. Bergerson-Allen’s sections are tied at $1165 each.


Online Pages/Raffles


Parents still have time to create their child’s online fundraising page at  Pledgestar allows parents and students to send requests to friends and family across the country with just a few simple steps.

All students with an online page are automatically entered into weekly raffles, with last week’s winners taking home Lazersport gift cards.  This week’s prizes include Adidas duffle bags.


Volunteering/Class Colors


There are still spots available to volunteer at this darling event.  Please check out the Jog-a-Thon sign-up genius and add your name.  Please note that all Jog-a-Thon volunteers and visitors must have completed the District background check.

Class running times and class colors have been finalized and can be found here.  Please take a look to ensure your student wears the correct color, as this makes lap-counting logistics much easier and adds to the spirit of the event.  Crazy hair and wigs are encouraged as our students come together to truly let their “hair run wild!”


What Jog-a-thon Dollars Provide


BSCO’s annual budget funds an incredible amount of student enrichment and teacher support, in ways that are often taken for granted among our parent community.  Please check out these informative links if you have any questions about what your precious Jog-a-Thon dollars provide.  Every dollar does matter and touches every student, every classroom, every day.

BSCO Operating Budget

2016-17 Budget Details

Where Does the Money Go?

Keep up the good work, BSE and we will see you on the track next week!  Let’s DO THIS!