2016 BSCO Fundraising Update

Dear Bonny Slope Parents – 

As we begin another year, I want to share with you some of the highlights from last year’s BSCO fundraising efforts and give you a snapshot of what you can expect from your BSCO board this year.

In Fall 2015, the student-driven Jog-a-Thon moved from Spring to Fall and was wildly successful. In our effort to only ask for what we need, our Bridge the Gap fundraiser was moved to the end of the year, where it can operate only “as needed.” 

Last year, our amazing students, dedicated faculty and incredible parent community did such a stellar job of supporting Jog-a-Thon and the Bobcat Soiree Auction, we didn’t need to ask you to write checks to Bridge the Gap. 

This year? Same gig. Our goal has been and continues to be TRANSPARENCY in all things BSCO  – especially where the money comes from and where it goes.

2016/2017 fundraising goal: $111,425
Funds raised last year: $146,000

Because of this community’s awe-inspiring generosity, the extra funds raised last school year funded a new ceiling-mounted projector in the gym (coming soon), brought back the BSCO-funded IXL subscription, broadened our inquiry style playground equipment and eliminated admission fees for Carnival and our upcoming Monster Mash, creating free (and enormously popular) community events.  This is ON TOP of funding our already impressive programs and events included in our annual budget.

This year’s lineup is the same:

FALL: Jog-a-Thon- “Let Your Hair Run Wild!”

  • Friday, October 7th– right around the corner! 
  • Student-driven adorable lap running 
  • Net Goal: $30,000

SPRING: Bobcat Soiree & Auction

  • Saturday, April 22nd 
  • Grown-ups only, themed party and auction
  • Net Goal: $50,000

May 2017: Bridge-the-Gap

  • No-hassle, direct-donation fundraiser
  • Used to supplement remainder of annual goal
  • Will NOT take place if $19,000 goal is met through prior fundraising

BSCO funds are used for student enrichment, teacher support, community events, community giving, technology & administrative costs. BSCO funds also allow our entire student body to benefit from an enhanced educational experience, none of which is possible without you. YOU ARE BSCO. 

If you geek out to numbers, the BSCO budget can always be found on our Business page

In the meantime, look for Jog-a-thon details to be coming home on Friday, September 9. It takes a village to make it “run” and it’s pretty much the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. There are plenty of opportunities to help.  This year, we’ve opted for a more user-friendly online platform, Pledgestar.  You can build your child's online fundraising page at http://pledgestar.com/bonnyslope and their name will be entered into weekly raffles.

We are thankful for the contribution of time & resources you make to our community and welcome your questions, any time. 


Ava Palmquist
BSCO VP for Fundraising