Your Students Need Your Help

Volunteering at Bonny Slope is an important reason why Bonny Slope is considered one of the top schools in the entire state of Oregon. From classroom parties to parent education nights to extracurricular events, BSCO makes this all happen.

But in order to make all of these events a reality, BSCO needs help. Lots and lots of help. Of course, we need lots of help spread out across 650 students in (mostly) 15-30 minute doses, but still a lot of help none-the-less.

"I want to help," you say! "I will make time to help my kids and their friends and the friends of their friends with awesome events and, frankly, even the boring ones!"

Now that you are all excited to help out, here is what you need to do. It's easy!

All signed up? Good. Now that you are all squared away and you are all excited to sign up for things, now is a good time to sign up to help your child's classroom directly as a classroom or party coordinator. (Instructions or email volunteer coordinators Jenna and DeDe.) What could be more rewarding then organizing parents to help with your own kids' classroom activities!

That one doesn't work for you? No problem. There will be lots of opportunities. Keep your eye on the BSCO newsletter sent directly to your email every two weeks, blog posts here and Facebook, and opportunities directly from the Volunteer coordinators!