Reminder: Everyone Who Steps Foot In Bonny Slope Must Be Background Checked This Year

As we head into another awesome year at Bonny Slope, BSCO is sending out a gentle and firm reminder to our entire community regarding Beaverton School District's new volunteer system.


No longer will you be allowed to simply sign in as a Visitor and go on your merry way.  There is only ONE OPTION when you enter the school during school hours-- that you be background checked through our mVP system. No exceptions.  

Even if you just want to have lunch with your child.

Even if it’s the only time you’ll suffer through a class party.

Even if you’re just watching little Johnny’s two minute presentation.

Even if it’s Grandma Eunice’s only trip to Portland and she just wants to read a book to the class.

Sensing a theme?  EVERYONE needs a background check. No one will be allowed access to the building during school hours without having completed a background check through the mVP system. 

So… save everyone the hassle and awkward moments and simply get yourself cleared.  Then fill out the mVP application for your husband, your father, the nanny, and anyone else who could POSSIBLY need to be in the school during school hours. Just in case.  It can take several days to clear, so do it now and be prepared.

Background checks are also required to volunteer at an evening event. Simply attending an evening event does not require a background check.

Is the new system annoying?  A little.  After all, remembering ANOTHER username and password never gets any easier.  

But is the safety of our kids, staff and facilities worth it?  Absolutely.  Fill out your mVP application today.

A parent?  Start here.

A grandparent, aunt, nanny or community member?  (Basically-- anyone not a parent)  Begin here.