BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: June 6 2016

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

June Meeting 6/6/2016

Board members celebrated a successful year at their final Board meeting of the school year. No Board Meeting was held in May due to the Spring Community Meeting and lack of Board business. 

Incoming Board members Jenna Dornblaser, (2016-17 Director of Volunteers) and Holly VanderPloeg (2016-17 Director of Committees) were able to join the meeting, while Matt Hire, Christy Bishop (outgoing Director of Committees) and DeDe Osborne (2016-17 Director of Volunteers) were unable to attend.

Discussion included the 2016-17 Dates to Remember calendar which is currently being scheduled and the few committee lead positions that remain open.  Ava Palmquist, VP for Fundraising, debriefed the Board on Auction’s take-away and vision for next year, including a new venue.  Ava also announced the new JAT leadership, Christy Bishop and Jenny Johnson.

Elia Freedman, Secretary and Tech Advisor, summarized the recent technology purchases for the upcoming 2016-17 school year. Because Janet has asked for the new technology to be ready and waiting for our teachers in September, next year’s major tech purchase has already been made and the devices have already arrived at BSE.  Historically, tech purchases were not made until the fall of each school year.  Beaverton School District is now requiring a three-year warranty for each Chromebook, which added approximately $30/device and over $900 to the order.

Brian Rothery, Treasurer, presented his treasurer’s report. Teachers were given a June 3rd deadline to submit receipts, which resulted in a flurry of checks that have not been reconciled yet.  A July audit is planned.  

Teacher Grant Application Review

Earlier in the year, BSCO funded two light tables, a magna tile set and geometric shapes for a Light Inquiry teacher grant for the Kindergarten team.  The two tables were shared by the four classrooms.  Ms. Henely, Kindergarten teacher, requested two more light tables.  With funds still available in the Teacher Grant line item, the Board approved (via email last month) the purchase of two more light tables, magna tiles and geometric shapes for the kindergarten classrooms.  The grant total was $1,346.73.

As a review, the Teacher Grant line item has already funded the following grants this school year:

  • Light Table Inquiry: $1100 (Kindergarten team)  *taken from Technology Budget last September
  • Calm Down Kits: $134.87 (Counseling team)
  • Aquaponics System: $159.99 (Tonia Anderson, ELL)
  • Stream Table Kits: $303.20 (Fourth Grade team)
  • Our Mindset Book Set: $452.44 (Third Grade team)
  • **Zoo Transportation: $360 (Second grade team) *taken from Field Trip Transportation & PYP Support
  • **Mask Migration Project: $292.20 (Katie Gillard, Art + Fourth Grade Team) *taken from AIR budget
  • Bugz Musical: $500 (Marcia Moores, Music)
  • Carnival of the Animals: $225 (Marcia Moores, Music)