2016 Projector Proposal FAQ: Answers Unveiled!

Your BSCO Board has finalized its 2016-17 Budget.  Included are the funds for a wall-mounted projector in the gym, with a total estimated price of $23,000.  Below is an FAQ to familiarize yourself with the project prior to our community vote on Wednesday, May 18th at BSCO’s Spring Community Meeting.

Who’s idea is this anyway?  The Board approached Janet Maza, BSE Principal, asking what items she’d like included in next year’s budget, as the Board intends to spend down a portion of BSCO’s reserves in 2016-17. Janet mentioned two items-- a wall-mounted projector in the gym, and more inquiry-based playground equipment.  Both are included in the 2016-17 budget.

Let’s talk specifics.  At this point, what would this money provide?  BSE has pulled quotes from local contractors, including CompView and GB Manchester.  Each have been used by BSD schools to put in audio/visual equipment.  Both quotes are similar  in price, hovering right around $23,000.  

Here is a list of the various components of the quote.  ***This is subject to change as specifics to our gym are finalized. 

  • Powerlite Pro 6500 lumens with 4K Enhancement (state of the art product released in May 2016)
  • Long Throw Lens
  • Heavy duty projector wall mount with protective cage
  • Wall mount touch panel with box and locking cover
  • Cable, supports, and accessories to provide necessary raceway, conduit, and power
  • Integration Service (Labor)

The quotes do not include a new screen or audio system.  BSE will continue to use the current 16:10 screen as well as the existing audio system.  The projector would be mounted above the blue moveable wall, eliminating any floor bound cords or bulky AV cart.

BSCO is setting aside $23,000 for this project.  GEEZ.  Why is it so expensive?  In both quotes provided, almost half the cost is the integration service-- basically, that’s the labor needed to rewire the gym.  An expensive upfront cost, but one that’s impossible to get around.  

Still… it’s a lot of money.  How often would it be used?  Daily!  The best value comes from the amount of use that BSE administrators and staff have in mind.  Currently, students are unable to run/dance in the gym prior to school as they wait to head to their classrooms, due to the AV cart & ensuing cords on the floor.  With this new projector, brain boost videos could be playing from the moment they walk in, encouraging activity and movement before students get down to the important business of learning.

Other pros:

  • More free space.  Without the AV cart and cords,  a bigger area is available for kids/parents to sit during school assemblies and presentations, such as Back to School Night and Young Audiences presentations.
  • Better and easier PE Instruction.  Teachers can better demonstrate games/techniques for their students as their image projects on the screen, allowing more visual access to students using an Apple TV and iPad.    
  • Improved presentations.  Forget the clunky slide show projector & speakers walking into the light.  It’s sleek, easy and the future.  
  • The possibilities are endless.  Easier movie nights.  Videos playing during Science Fair, Carnival or Monster Mash.  Student jump rope and dance routines instantly displayed. 

When would it be installed?  Once our 2016-17 budget is approved at our May 18th Community meeting, BSE can move forward with this project.  The goal is to have it installed over the summer and be ready for the 2016-17 school year.

Why doesn’t BSD pay for this?  Each school is given an independent budget through Beaverton School District.  Janet could set aside BSE funds to provide this, but that could take years of saving, especially with this price tag. Unfortunately, Bonny Slope was the last school built NOT to have one put in.  Springville, built one year after Bonny Slope, had one installed at the time of construction.  All new schools are having them put in, but older schools have to find the funds to upgrade themselves.  Raleigh Park already has had one put in and Westview High School is currently having one installed.

Is BSCO on the hook for maintenance/replacement?  No.  This is considered our donation to Bonny Slope Elementary.  BSD takes over responsibility for maintenance and replacement.  

Can BSCO afford this?  Yes.  Our Auction this year raised roughly $25,000 over its projected budget, nearly the exact amount of this project. Spending down this money won’t negatively affect our cash flow and will allow parents to see a tangible return on their donation this year.  With the purchase of this projector, every dollar donated in 2015-16 will be spent immediately on BSE students.

Please join us at our final Spring Community Meeting on Wednesday, May 18th at 7pm in the BSE Library.  This projector is included in the 2016-17 budget, which will be presented at the meeting for approval by a community vote.  All parents at BSE are voting members of BSCO. We hope you can join us.

Any questions/comments/concerns regarding this Projector Proposal can be directed to Hannah Donohue, BSCO President.