Introducing BSCO’s 2016-17 Budget

BSCO’s Spring Community Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18th.  Included in the meeting agenda will be the approval of the 2016-17 budget, shown here.  This final draft is being presented for community review prior to the meeting.  

Next year’s budget includes slight changes in both income and committee expense.  All adjustments from last year’s budget are noted in the far right side column.  

A notable change is the intentional spend-down of a portion of our BSCO reserves.  This carry-over funds reduction includes five items, totaling $36,000:

  • Free 2016-17 Monster Mash admission ($3,000)
  • Free 2016-17 Carnival admission ($5,000)
  • IXL Subscription ($3,000)
  • New Inquiry Recess Equipment ($2,000)
  • Wall-Mounted Projector in Gym ($23,000)

These items were chosen in collaboration between your BSCO Board and BSE principal, Janet Maza.  Including these items will not negatively impact BSCO’s cash flow, and will allow us to actively manage our savings while still maintaining a reasonable and prudent reserve total.  

For those looking for more details, a full FAQ regarding the wall-mounted projector is available here.   

Any questions or concerns regarding this budget can be directed to Hannah Donohue.  The full meeting agenda will be presented on Monday, May 16.  Please join us for this final community meeting on Wednesday, May 18th in the BSE Library at 7pm.  In addition to approving next year’s budget, we will also vote in next year’s Board.  All parents at BSE are voting members of BSCO.  We look forward to seeing you there.