Classroom Coordinators and Volunteers Give Teachers an Edge

Classroom support is an essential piece of Bonny Slope’s success.  Every hour that BSE volunteers manage small groups, stuff Friday Folders, or wrestle the copy machine, equals more time for our teachers to do what they do best-- educate our children.

Part of what makes Bonny Slope special is the level and quality of classroom support.  A heartfelt thank you is due to every parent, grandparent and community volunteer who gave our students their most precious commodity-- their time. This school year, BSE volunteers put in over 2100 hours specifically to classroom support, which includes production, small group work, reading groups, spelling tests, writing conferences, and Friday Folders.    

First grade teacher, Johanna Johnson, appreciates the impact of these volunteer hours. “With parent volunteers, we were able to have a differentiated spelling program and weekly tests on our math facts. Parent volunteers do the production work that allows me to focus on lesson planning and not on copying and collating,” Johnson shared.

Not every volunteer is able to make a weekly commitment.  However, any contribution of time is appreciated by staff.  Fourth grade teacher, Aliyah Taylor, explains,  “I am so appreciative to the parents who not only want to join us, but are able to join us whenever they can, if only once! It truly keeps the community feel of the building engaged at the classroom level.”

An extra special thank you is due to those volunteers who take on a higher level of leadership.  Class coordinators work all-year to provide scheduling support to minimize each teacher’s burden and thereby maximizing the learning experience for our students.  Our students and teachers benefit from the time and effort put in to organize classroom volunteers.  

“I am so thankful for parents who step up to be coordinators each year. The management of what I need and the organization of it all is a big job, one that I would not do well without this support,” states Taylor.

Thank you to the following parents who made the time to take on the class coordinator commitment.

Amy Lukasiewicz (Breton)
Camellia Osterink (Dell)
Elizabeth Bingold (Henely)
Kristina Craig (Russell)

First Grade
Julie Gupta (Johnson)
Jen Timmins (Parks)
Nicole Reynolds (Smith)
Ana King (Swardstrom)

Second Grade
Andrea Moore (Acosta)
Deidre Rutherford (Bergerson-Allen)
Sheri Lilli (Scoones)
Melissa Gatchell (Williamson/Moehl)

Third Grade
Sheri Bauer (Anderson)
Amy Buringrud (Arnold)
Wendy Russell (Hammond)
Siobhan Flanigan (Jolly)
Jaime Gault (Stewart)

Fourth Grade
Jessica Gaibler (Buttler)
Kim Kennedy (Chiotti)
Jenny Pompilio (Maxwell)
Jaime Gault (Taylor)

Fifth Grade
Anneka Barker (Basham)
Tien Langewisch (Chandler)
Jenny Johnson (Crannell)
Monique Chase (Vaughn)