BSCO Science Enrichment Wraps Up Year

Each year, BSCO provides funds for hands-on science enrichment, allotting a certain amount to each grade level in the hopes of offering a greater and more exciting science curriculum in the classroom.  

This year, four grade levels each experienced two in-class, hands-on science demonstrations from outside vendors, including the Zoo, the Audubon Society, OMSI, and Mad Science.  Third grade opted to use a portion of their funds to bulk up their classroom libraries with weather resources, while fifth grade will dive into water filter supply kits this June, giving the students a firsthand opportunity to witness science at work.

Here are listing of the presentations given this school year.  

Zoo: Animal Homes
Audubon Society: Beautiful Birds

OMSI: The Sound of Science & Bug Me
Mad Science: Sound Basics

Mad Science: Ice Capades & Ecosystems

OMSI: Pit Crews
Weather Book Order

OMSI: Caloric Chemistry
Zoo: Adaptations

EIE Water Filter Supply Kits

A special thank you to Currie Reese, BSCO’s Science Enrichment chair, who organized and oversaw the scheduling and logistics of this program.  Science Enrichment is made possible by your generous BSCO donation.