Things are growing in the GARDEN!

As you have all noticed, it is spring and that means it is time to get things moving in our garden.  A few classes have already had the opportunity to work in the school’s community garden and many will be in the next few weeks.  

This year, three of our third grade classes (Hammond, Jolly, & Arnold) have been lucky enough to test run a new program with Terra Nova students.  Terra Nova is a Beaverton School District program that allows High School students from across the district fulfill a biology credit.  These students learn how to plan, plant, grow, nurture, harvest and then cook and eat the crops that they have grown.  Bonny Slope is lucky to have this program just down the street on Thompson Rd.  

We have partnered with this program in a few ways but the most exciting is what they are doing with our group of third graders.  Four Terra Nova students have developed curriculum to teach our third graders in the classroom and in the garden over the course of three months.  This week we completed the second phase of their curriculum and transplanted starts the Bonny Slope and Terra Nova students grew from seed. Next month they will harvest what is ready and plant tomatoes that the Terra Nova students are growing for us in their greenhouses on campus.

Everyone seems to be enjoying the lessons and the garden is looking great with three more boxes planted and ready to grow.

We still have boxes available to be planted this spring. Most boxes are planted with the help of a volunteer coordinating the planting.  Please contact your teacher if you are interested in helping your child’s class.  Then contact to get a box assigned to the classroom.   We also need families to help over the summer.  It is a great opportunity to help your child’s class plant this spring and then your family can maintain and harvest over the summer.

Contact Kelly Ward at for more information.