Art Literacy Welcomes Korean Art Fellow

Each year, the Art Literacy program includes the study of a particular culture.  This year, Bonny Slope focused on Korea and the Art Lit team collaborated with BSE’s incredible art teacher, Ms. Gillard, to create a unique week long experience.

Ms. Gillard invited Ga-Yeon Go, a fellow at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum at the University of Oregon, to assist with the lessons during the week of April 18th.  Ga-Yeon is an exchange student from Korea and shared with students about her life in Korea, different traditional Korean foods, the lunar calendar and Korean zodiac animal signs.

During the week, kindergarten, first and second grade students created traditional Korean kites.  Ga-Yeon explained, how in the past, before cell phones, Korean soldiers used kites to communicate during battles.  The students used bamboo sticks, paper & crepe paper to construct & decorate their own kites.  Although the kites made were purely decorative, the students had a great time "flying" their kites during an impromptu dance party!

The third, fourth and fifth grade students learned to write Korean characters on rice paper with bamboo brushes and india ink.  Everyone had a great time choosing from a seven page list of proverbs.   Each proverb was written in English and Korean for the students to copy.  Some of the popular choices were:  "A friend in need is a friend indeed,” "Love me love my dog", and "United we stand, divided we fall."  There was much discussion while working about what the proverbs meant and how they reflected their own experiences.  

Ga-Yeon also helped students write their names in Korean - she was VERY busy!  Some of the students already knew how to write in Korean and helped Ga-Yeon with writing their classmates names. 

In addition to Ga-Yeon, special thanks to Ms. Gillard for all her work to make this experience happen for our students.  She went above and beyond to arrange this and include it in her lesson plans for the week.  Finally, a BIG thank you to our host families, Sara Gillette and Haideh Go, for hosting Ga-Yeon during her stay.  Ga-Yeon really enjoyed the time she spent with your families. 

Funding for this and all art lit supplies during the year are provided by BSCO’s Art Lit budget and your generous BSCO donation.