Well, we hope you’re happy, Bonny Slope: Bridge the Gap is CANCELLED!


Yes, you heard right. This community has already answered the call and provided the necessary funding for our 2015-16 budget.  And if you were paying attention last fall, that’s all we asked for — enough to provide the excellent programming and events listed in our budget.  Our final fundraiser, Bridge the Gap, won’t be necessary this school year and it’s all because of you.

Last October, our first fall Jog-a-thon blew expectations out of the water, netting nearly $50,000.  Our most recent Awesome 80s Auction pulled in nearly $75,000 in profits, bringing our 2015-16 fundraising total well above the $106,00 needed to fulfill our budget.

BSCO’s VP for Fundraising, Ava Palmquist, commented, “Everyone, leave your checkbooks in the kitchen junk drawer, pat yourselves on the back and accept a heartfelt THANK YOU for your generosity!”

Your BSCO Board intends for the additional funds gained at this year’s Auction to be put to use immediately, with the purchase of a wall-mounted projector in the gym.  The price tag hovers at $23,000, nearly the exact amount by which we exceeded our fundraising goals this year.  If approved at the Community Meeting on May 18th, this project will move forward this summer, ensuring that every dollar donated in 2015-16 is spent on current students.

Will Bridge the Gap be back next year?  Well, time will tell as the BSCO machine rolls into another school year.  However, instead of hounding you for money and sending out desperate pleas this May, we get to enjoy the spring sunshine and celebrate, because the job is already done.  

Bravo, BSE.  You continue to amaze.