April 2016 Vice Principal Chat… REVEALED

While the principal’s away, the mice will play.  

Unfortunately, Janet was called out of the office last Friday, leaving vice-principal Jennie Knapp to graciously step into the hot seat.  The short and sweet session bounced around questions and ideas on various topics, most heavily discussing the logistics of next year.  Let’s recap.

How ART thou?

A big question swirling through BSE circles is whether or not our Art Special is here to stay.  And sadly, we simply don’t know if Art will be available next year or in what capacity.  As our enrollment continues to climb, every classroom may be needed to house additional sections of students.  How this affects Ms. Gillard and our Art program remains to be seen.  We simply must wait… which is easier said than done.

Shuffle, Step.  Shuffle, Step.

Another change happening next year will be the reshuffling of various classrooms — not just the art room.  Again, our growing enrollment forces our hand here, as five sections may become a reality for more than one grade level.  Nothing is finalized (and won’t be for awhile), but BSE parents need to prepare themselves for logistical changes next year, including the possibility that our specialists may be on carts or that the current teacher’s lounge may become a classroom.  Everything is on the table as BSE works to accommodate our students and provide optimal learning environments.  So grin and bear it, folks.  We’re still a far cry from the horror stories coming out of other crowded BSD elementaries.

Brain Boosts

Bonny Slope has been lucky this school year to be one of three schools in the Active Student Task Force.  Across the district next fall, all schools will be mandated to follow suit.  What’s in store for all our neighbors?  Everything we’ve become accustomed to: 10-minute brain boost to start the day, recess before lunch, and 90 minutes of PE instruction every six days.

And… I mean… not to toot our own horn… but… Bonny Slope did make it into Huffington Post. (pregnant pause) (drops mike).

General Questions for the Crowd

Hannah Donohue, BSCO President, took the opportunity to throw out some ideas to the gathered group.  Sometimes we all need a second opinion.  Here were the various topics:

  • Jog-a-thon: Is early October better than later?  Everyone concurred that while earlier can be hard for planning, it avoids the horrible rain of late October.  Also, with the new switch to fall, parents will be ready next year and it won’t be such a change.
  • Pancake Breakfast next fall: How did November work?  General opinion was that it was fine, but avoid the weekend before Thanksgiving break.
  • Projector Project up for a vote in May: What questions does the public have?  The ladies present hadn’t heard much dissent out there, but thought the frequency of use and the fact that new schools have them should be stressed.

Love Locked Down

**This section wasn’t mentioned during our Vice Principal Chat, but we’re sharing here anyway. #bornrebel

Changes are in store for our front entrance this summer.  In order to align with BSD’s new security standards, the entry will be reconfigured to force parents to enter through the office.   This change will provide added security, but will be a major change for our parents who like to just pop into their child’s class.  You’ve been warned.

And that’s a wrap!  Join us for the FINAL Principal Chat on Friday, 5/20 at 2pm.