BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: April 2016 Meeting

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

April Meeting 4/18/2016

The Board continued reviewing current grant and budget requests, as well as preparing for 2016-17.  Board members Christy Bishop and Ava Palmquist were unable to attend.

The BSCO Listening Sessions were a success, with a small increase in attendees from last year.  A full recap is available here. The Board application deadline has passed and Doug Bergman, Parliamentarian, is currently working on finalizing his slate committee and intends to send over their recommended slate by 4/30. There are three positions available next year-- two Directors of Volunteers and Director of Committees.

Auction safely netted $75,000, with final totals still being calculated.  Discussion ensued regarding our vision and recommendations for the 2017 Auction.  Ava, VP for Fundraising, and Hannah, President, are planning on having a sit-down with this year’s Auction committee to brainstorm new ideas/strategies to maintain donor support, while balancing volunteer burnout and accessibility.  All agreed that next year provides an opportunity for change and innovation.

Yolanda, co-Director of Volunteers, reported that almost 400 parents have been background checked through the new MvP system.  The front office is holding steady with not allowing unchecked parents into the classrooms or cafeteria. Don't miss out on that special lunch with your child. Complete your background check if you have not done so already.

Jessica, co- Director of Volunteers, went over the open committee lead positions, found here.  A few leads have been found, while other committees have opened up.  No one’s panicking yet with two months still left in the school year, though Jog-a-thon is in the greatest need due to the required summer planning. 


2016-17 Tech Purchase Discussion

BSCO intends to purchase 15 iPads, 30 Chromebooks and various support accessories for the 2016-17 school year, in order to supplement the 90 devices coming from BSD’s Future Ready initiative.  Estimated cost is $14,500.  Elia, Secretary and Tech Advisor, communicated that Janet requested that all new technology be purchased and ready before the beginning of the 2016-17 school year.  This is a change from previous years, as usually BSCO orders technology in the fall and it is delivered around January. Janet reports that it is difficult for teachers to train and integrate the technology mid-year.  

Elia shared that Beaverton School District has an April 29th cut-off date for all technology purchases, as they do not want technology delivered to schools in the summer when no one is available to receive them.  However, our 2016-17 budget isn’t passed until May 18 of this year.  Waiting until after May 18th means waiting until fall, which would risk the tech not being available and ready for deployment in late August.  

The Board turned down, in a 1-4 vote (Elia abstained), the proposal to pay for these new technology budgets before the 2016-17 budget is passed. Elia will investigate to see how hard and fast this deadline is and if waiting to purchase until May 19th (the day after our community meeting) will prohibit delivery.  UPDATE:  BSE’s front office contacted BSD’s Purchasing department.  They will check stock with vendors in mid-May and try and confirm a delivery prior to 6/30.

Our year to date totals continue to look successful.  The latest treasurer’s report can be found here, though it does not yet include Auction income.


2016-17 Budget Discussion

Brian, Treasurer, presented his final 2016-17 draft budget.  The Board unanimously approved its proposal.  Significant changes include:

  • Addition of Committee Discretionary budget for unforeseen expenses or one-time committee improvements
  • Providing classroom teachers as well as specialists (Art, PE, Music, ELL, Spanish) with an equal $450 in the Teacher Fund, with part-time specialists receiving $250.
  • One year $1000 increase to both Community Garden (for much-needed maintenance) and Visiting Author (trying to bring in bigger name author)
  • Decrease in Technology budget
  • Increase of both Geo Club and Bobcat Trail Club annual budgets

In light of Auction’s net total (estimated at $75K, which is $25K over-budget), the Board is intentionally spending down $36K in order to actively manage our savings.  Items included in the Carry-Over Funds Reduction are as follows:

  • Free Carnival ($5K)
  • Free Monster Mash ($3K)
  • IXL Subscription ($3K)
  • New Recess Equipment ($2K)
  • Wall-mounted Projector in Gym ($23K)

The Board will be sending out the proposed budget in early May, allowing the community ample time to review and provide input.


Teacher Grant Application Review

The Board approved two teacher grants, both from BSE’s half-time music teacher, Marcia Moores.  

The first grant would fund a Carnival of the Animals musical puppet unit with the kindergarten students.  Items to be purchased include the Director’s Score, Performance CD and Singer’s Edition, as well as materials to construct a puppet theater and various animal puppets.  This unit would be an exploration of Saint-Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals” and would reinforce grade-level musical concepts (loud-soft, high-low, fast-slow etc).  The grant total is $225.

The second approved grant would provide support and materials for the first grade’s Bugs Musical.  Items funded by this grant include props and materials for costumes, creation of music CDs for students, and hiring of a choreographer.  This unit supports students performance skills, singing and movement. The grant total is $500.  

As a review, the Teacher Grant line item has already purchased the following grants this school year:

  • Light Table Inquiry- $1100 (Kindergarten team)  *taken from Technology Budget  
  • Calm Down Kits-- $134.87 (Counseling team)
  • Aquaponics System -- $159.99 (Tonia Anderson, ELL)
  • Stream Table Kits-- $303.20 (Fourth Grade team)
  • Our Mindset Book Set-- $452.44 (Third Grade team)
  • Zoo Transportation** -- $360 (Second grade team) *taken from Field Trip Transportation & PYP Support
  • Mask Migration Project** -- $292.20 (Katie Gillard, Art + Fourth Grade Team)

** Approved via email between meetings due to project deadlines.


Budget Request Review

  • Staff Appreciation requested $300 to fund one more catered event for our teachers over staff appreciation week.  This request was approved.