Fifth Graders Acquire Responsible Social Media Tips

Last Tuesday, the fifth graders gathered in the library to hear Shawn Marshall, Licensed Professional Counselor, from The Children’s Program speak about the responsible use of social media.  The presentation was part of a larger speakers’ series, funded by BSCO, which offers three additional Parent Education Nights throughout the school year.

The children were enthusiastic about the presentation that Marshall developed from the challenges many of his clients have faced while navigating the intricacies of social media.  Students walked away with useful information they could implement to make their social media usage safer.  According to fifth grader Owen McDonnell, “I used to have a public Instagram account and I made sure it was private after the presentation.  Now, only my friends and family can see my pictures.”

Megan O’Malley Cook coordinates BSCO’s Parent Education series and is responsible for finding speakers who address topics applicable to elementary-aged kids and their parents.  “My hope for these events is for both parents and kids to walk away with an actionable strategy, tip, or discussion point they can try at home.”

“I think the [social media] presentation was important for kids my age because there are a lot of things we don't know about that happen on social media,” said McDonnell.  “For example, some kids set up apps without knowing that people can contact them and get their information.”

In addition to the social media presentation offered to students, parents have benefited from the following topics throughout the school year:

On average 35-45 parents attended each learning session.

“BSCO has allowed for these special opportunities to have professionals in our community come to us and share their expertise.  Parents who attend have a chance to ask questions, share, and connect with other BSCO members,” said O’Malley Cook.

If you have suggestions for speakers and/or topics for next year, please email Megan at