NatureMobile Rolls into Kindergarten

THPRD’s NatureMobile made its yearly trek into the hearts and minds of our BSE kindergarteners last month. The Nature Sensations on-campus field trip is an annual tradition made possible via the Mature Grants line item and your generous BSCO donation.

Kindergarten teacher, Paula Dell, was excited to integrate the presentations into not one, but two Kindergarten PYP units.   “In How the World Works, students learn how observations help them build knowledge. Students use their five senses to make observations in the world around them,” Dell commented.  Students took a hike on the trail in the green space directly behind the school, allowing for various learning and observation opportunities.

“In Sharing the Planet, students learn living things interact in order to survive. Students discover how and why plants and animals interact and need each other, the features of plants and animals, and how animals use their senses,”  Dell explains. “Nature Sensations gives students the building blocks to make connections as we go through our Sharing the Planet and How the World Works units,” Dell continued.

This presentation also supports developing the PYP attitudes. “It helps students to begin to understand what empathy is (PYP Attitude). Students wear goggles that have been colored out so they can't see. They need to use all of their senses, except sight, to find a tree. Students therefore begin to have a small connection to people who don't have the sense of sight,” Dell commented.

BSCO’s Mature Grants line item contains teacher grants that have proven successful after two consecutive years.  Other expenditures funded through this budget include fifth grade’s Newbery Book Clubs and first grade’s Living Things Unit.