Bobcat Trail Club Welcomes New Marathoners

Congratulations to all of the students who received charms for Bobcat Trail Club at last Friday’s assembly. These 21 students have run more than a marathon so far this year. How far is a marathon you might ask? It's 26.2 miles. That's a long way!

A special shout-out to Jane T. and Radyn M. for finishing two marathons, and to Caden S. and Evan H. who have finished three marathons so far this year.  In total this school year, we have 31 students who have completed a full marathon (26.2 miles), four students who have completed two marathons, and two students who have completed three marathons at Bobcat Trail Club this year. Well done!

If you'd like to know who these students are, take a look at our Bobcat Trail Club board across from the Art Room to see their pictures. These students have earned various backpack charms and a Hot Chocolate Party.

To incentivize more Bobcats to join us on the track, all runners who complete their first card before the April 1st assembly will have their names entered into a raffle to to win a Nike Gift Card.  We will announce the winner on that date.

Also, those students who finish four cards (one marathon) before June will be invited to our Popsicle Party.

So don't wait! Join us on Monday and Wednesday morning from 8am - 8:25am or Tuesdays at recess.