BEST Green Team Ramps Up Garden, Kitchen Recycling Programs

The BSE Green Team Students are actively working to make Bonny Slope a better place.  They advocated for kitchen composting and according to Sue Shade, BSD resource conservation director, Bonny Slope’s program is up and running!

The Green Team met with Sue last month to conduct our Oregon Green School application Waste Audit.  The team will give students tips on how to reduce classroom waste based on those results at the April 1 Assembly.

Then on March 11 the team met in the Community Garden to clear half the pumpkin patch of weeds and get it ready for planting in April.  They are planting rows to donate the produce to the Oregon Food Bank.  They were cheerful despite the rainy weather and did a great job.  They even gathered worms for the salad bar compost pail (a project of 5th grade students).  Frannie, the Lincoln High sophomore working on her Girl Scout Gold Award, even stopped by to release the Mason Bees into the upper garden-stop by to check it out and read the helpful information she posted.

Jenny Pompilio, BEST Green Team Student parent lead, said, “I was dreading working in the garden on such a wet & dreary day, but the Green Team Students never complained.  They had a blast and were very hard workers.  Some other students and siblings even helped. The pumpkin patch is looking prepped for them to plant seeds and starts on April 8 for the Oregon Food Bank.  They’re calling it a 'Grow Drive.'  It’s really a pleasure to work with these motivated students!”