Auction Art: Supplies and Volunteers Needed!

This week kicks off the auction art production.  We are still in need of these three items:

  1. Craft Acrylic Paints!  You know those little squeeze bottles that cost about $1?  We need many assorted colors for the 1st grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade pieces.  
  2. FELT!  We have the bright colors of the rainbow but really need to soften those with some muted colors that you would like to see in your own home decor.  
  3. BUTTONS!  All shapes and sizes!  Please dig in that drawer of yours and pull out ANY you can find!  The 2nd grade piece won't be the same without them.

We will have at least seven pieces up for auction this year, including lots of painting and cutting and the traditional photo mosaic from the 5th graders.  It's going to be a beautiful show once it's all complete.

Interested in joining the fun?  Volunteers make these one of a kind pieces truly come together.  Please sign up for at least one session to experience art with your kids and help this amazing fundraiser. The team would greatly appreciate it!