Precise Year-to-Date Budget Requires Reimbursement

BSCO's Winter Community Meeting presented our 2015-16 budget's most recent year-to-date numbers.  These totals directly depend on submitted volunteer reimbursement requests.  It can be difficult to gauge our financial position when outstanding receipts aren't submitted until the end of the year.  This includes receipts from party coordinators, committee leads, and event planners.

Please follow these easy steps to receive your refund.

  1. Fill out the Reimbursement Check Request.
  2. Take a picture of your receipts and email to Brian Rothery, BSCO Treasurer, at
  3. Expect a check via snail mail from U.S Bank auto-pay.

Many parents feel their $8.36 refund isn't worth the trouble.  Please remember that every receipt give us an accurate accounting of what it truly takes to run our programs and events.  

You've already generously donated to JAT and Auction; it is unnecessary to pledge more.  Let us pay you back and update our accounting records.