BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot: February 2016 Meeting

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

February Meeting 2/22/2016
It was a hugely productive meeting this month as the Board met to discuss everything from Auction tickets to next year’s budget.  Board members Ava Palmquist and Brian Rothery were unable to attend.

The teacher survey is in and the majority of reviews are generally favorable.  Ideas and input was given on BSCO’s communication, the individual programs, and the use of teacher funds and teacher grants. Auction invites go home this week.  We are looking at switching to a more user-friendly, cheaper fundraising platform, Pledgestar.  The 60 chromebooks have arrived and are being prepared for the classroom.  5th graders should hopefully be seeing them in the next couple weeks.

Our new volunteer management system is up and running thanks to Yolanda Leal.  In the long run, it should be a better system, but parents are required to create a profile and re-submit to a background check.  The district’s goal is to have all signups and scheduling be created through this system.  There are two STEM volunteer opportunities for after school clubs and the Artist in Residence presentations are around the corner in March.  

The Board went over the current & forecasted budget.  As the year progresses, the Board will be deciding how much of the reserve will be spent down in next year’s budget and what programs can be offered with that money.  Final totals won’t be available until after the auction, but top ideas thrown out included funding IXL and waiving the Monster Mash/Carnival admission in 2016-17.  Brian Rothery, Treasurer, will have a first rough draft of next year’s budget at our March Board meeting.

Next year continued to be a hot topic, as three Board positions and several committee lead positions are opening.  The Board will also need a parliamentarian to gather the Board applications and create the final slate.  Hannah intends to email kindergarten and first grade families directly with a description of the open positions.

The Board approved the 4th grade team Stream Table Kit grant request.  Students will focus on the concept of Adaptation, and the stream kits will allow them to dig deeper into the concept of erosion, in conjunction with their natural disaster study.  The project totaled $315 and will include a study plastic tray, an outlet assembly, hoses and other accessories.


  1.  Art Literacy requested an additional $550 for water color paper, reed pens, bamboo brushes and india ink for 650 students.  These items would support the final Art Lit unit-- the Korean culture and the project would take place during students’ art class with Ms. Gillard.  The Board approved this request, opting to take these funds out of the Artist in Residence line item, which is coming in under for the year.  
  2. The Community Garden committee lead requested an additional $300 for this budget year to go towards improved fencing and irrigation repairs prior to classrooms planting this year.  The Board approved this request.