Thank You Party Coordinators!

Last Friday, Bonny Slope students enjoyed another round of fun-filled classroom parties.  The BSE community is blessed to have parents willing to step up and coordinate these creative and joyful events for our children.  

Each classroom has a designated party coordinator, who together with the other grade level party coordinators,  plan and organize a grade-wide party, ensuring an equitable experience for students as well as easing the logistical and planning load.

While BSCO funds & coordinates the games, crafts and snacks, the decision to hold a Valentine’s party lies with BSD and our principal, Janet Maza.  Each elementary school is allotted three classroom parties a year, and Valentine’s Day is an obvious choice since it falls mid-year.  

On behalf of our community, THANK YOU to the following parents for giving their valuable time & talents to our students.  We appreciate all your work this year.  

Kirsten Forsberg
Melissa Manos
Andrea Steyskal
Kelly Ward

1st Grade
Colleen Ellingson
Litisha Hall
Amanda Lee
Victoria Foord

2nd Grade
Marcela Dyer
Kelli Henry
Liliana Ignatescu
Jennifer Miksovsky

3rd Grade
Kai Chen
Leigh Havelick
Sydney Keister
Begona Paz
Holly VanderPloeg

4th Grade
Jasmine Essex
Esther Freedman
Kathleen Lee
Laura Lorenz

5th Grade
Tiffany Hahm
Danette Horton
Jill Newsom
Michelle Werth