‘Tis the Season … to Spotlight Bobcats Taking Action!

The recent celebration of Thanksgiving and the arrival of the giving season have given us all the warm and fuzzy feelings the end of a year traditionally brings.

Ok. Full disclosure – the warm and fuzzies so far have DEFINITELY been from the layers we’ve been wearing to shield ourselves from the recent crazy cold temperatures. Which brings us to the point of this article. This article right here brings the heat – in the form of amazing acts of kindness from around the Bonny Slope Elementary community.

Grab some hot cocoa, a fresh-baked cookie…maybe some mittens, and read on to feel the warm fuzzies radiate throughout your December-chilled Pacific Northwest body. (Maybe skip the mittens. They likely aren’t the best choice for reading on a screen.)

Ok. Here we go:

You know the BSE community is filled with awesomeness. But we’re talking next-level awesomeness here, folks. Our Bobcats and their loved ones have been killing it with kindness – taking action to create a better, more peaceful world, fulfilling the school mission with one kind act after another. We did a little digging (and we know we’re really only scratching the goodness surface here!) and came up with this amazing list of community kindness.

The heat. It’s here. Read on.

Action in the Community:

  • Many families supported the recent gift card drive to help BSE families in need during the Christmas holiday season.
  • BSE families receive support from the Assistance League through Operation School Bell, which provides new clothing for school children.
  • BSE families will benefit from Jesuit High School’s Holiday Food Box program – we were allotted 10 slots to deliver food boxes to our BSE families in need, plus 5 bicycles!
  • Members from our Muslim community collected $25 Winco Cards to distribute to 8 families during the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Students Taking Action:

  • A third grade student created an informational video about foods from around the world, helping others learns.
  • Three of our third graders organized a canned food drive to benefit the Oregon Food Bank.
  • Four third graders collected food, toys & blankets for pets. 
  • Several third graders collected coats for people in need. 
  • Several third graders volunteer their time at the end of recess to help clean up and put equipment back on the ball cart.
  • A fourth grader gave up his turn in football to another student who wasn't getting a turn. 
  • Two fourth grade girls filmed a video to honor our custodian, Steve Sparks. 
  • One of our fifth grade students has volunteered at Potluck in the Park on Christmas Day with his entire family for the past three years. They help provide and serve a hot Christmas dinner to hundreds of under-privileged men, women, children, babies, the elderly, and animals.
  • One of our 5th grade students collected money for 2 students and their families to attend the Pancake Breakfast, who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to attend.

And, our 4th and 5th grade choir is set to share their time, talents and love of music with the community this week – hopefully, Mother Nature cooperates! Clare Bourquein noted, "I love this time of year when the BSE Choir gets to share their love for music with the community.  Rather than sing at local shopping malls or other crowded venues bustling with busy folks, the BSE Choir likes to take their show on the road to a number of retirement homes in our community.  The folks over at Edgewood Downs Assisted Living have requested that our choir return for its ninth season in a row.  We are one of their favorite groups.  

After singing a lengthy set of winter and holiday music (some of which are sing-a-longs), the members of the choir love to give the residents hugs, shake their hands and wish them, "Happy Holidays!"  The sound of children's voices singing can do wonders for the soul, but the genuine embrace and personal interaction with a child can lift the spirits of our local seniors... and vice-versa. Children come away telling stories of how they saw members of the audience crying or singing along in a jubilant way, and they are touched by knowing that their presence made a difference in the lives of others."



And like we said, this is just scratching the surface of the good in our BSE community. A new year lurks around the corner. We see you new year. We got you. There’s no doubt our Bobcats have even more kindness up their sleeves.