BSCO Board Meeting Snapshot & Treasurer’s Report: December 2016

In an effort to boost transparency between the BSCO Board and the BSE community, a monthly snapshot will be published of the various topics discussed at the Board's monthly meetings.  These are not official minutes or a detailed description, but rather a window into the discussion and voting results of the Board.

December Meeting-- 12/5/2016

As the Board did not meet in November, this productive meeting was filled with many updates and discussion surrounding events from the last two months.  DeDe Osborne, Director of Volunteers, was unable to attend.  

The Board has decided not to replace the open position on the Board.  Instead, the focus will be on recruiting new members for 2017-18, in hopes that they can shadow through May and June to better transition into their roles.  There will be five Board positions open for 2017-18. 

Hannah Donohue, President, reports that the gym projector has finally been assigned a project manager through BSD.  This manager has already contacted Mr. Whitehead to go over the various bids that were submitted.  Also, the PYP Professional Development line item, used for an all-staff training, is being applied to Tonia Anderson, a current Bonny Slope half-time employee who also works on Next Generation Science Standards.  Ms. Anderson has been and will continue to collaborate with teaching teams to enrich their science application and bulk up student science vocabulary across all grade levels.  

Ava Palmquist, VP for Fundraising, reports that Jog-a-thon had a record setting year and most of the incentive parties have been scheduled.  Because of the record number of laser tag winners, additionally funds will be needed to cover this expense.  Parent feedback has included looking at different participation prize structures, which the Board is open to exploring.  Auction has unveiled their theme, “Vegas Baby,” and held a brainstorm session last month. Pancake Breakfast was a success with over 600 tickets sold and enough coffee and sausage for all.

Elia Freedman, Secretary, is leading the process of revising BSCO’s bylaws.  The Bylaw committee, including Hannah, Elia and four community members, met last month had an incredible work session.  The BSCO Board is reviewing their initial draft. The committee’s goal is to have a draft ready for public consumption by February 1st, which will enable at least two months of community review prior to the vote in May.

Also, the Future Ready devices, originally slated to be delivered next school year, will arrive this Spring.  These 290 devices will be the balance of what BSD is providing.  K-2 students will be 1:1 iPads, while grades 3-5 will be 1:1 chromebooks.  Additionally, grades 4-5 will be 1:1 iPads.

The technology accessories, requested in October by the Kindergarten and 1st grade teams, have already arrived.  Elia worked with the K-2 teams to find and purchase 116 iPads covers (for all iPads in K-2), four bluetooth speakers (for the 1st grade team), and 56 headphones with microphones (for K-1).  These were funded through the remaining Technology budget.

Brian Rothery, Treasurer, submitted his treasurer’s report.  No committee has significantly overspent as of this date.

Jenna Dornblaser, Director of Volunteers, reports that all classrooms have a party coordinator.  A recent lockdown drill has illustrated the need to educate parents on proper protocol surrounding these drills.

The majority of committee news has been positive.  Holly VanderPloeg, Director of Committees, shares that most everything is on a roll, with the exception of the Visiting Author cancelling at the last minute (which was beyond BSCO or Powell’s control).  Book Fair (scheduled in February) and Artist in Residence (dates TBD) are still to come in 2017.


The Board reviewed one teacher grant application at this meeting.  

Lindsey Williamson, Bonny Slope’s RTI Specialist, applied for funds to cover the cost of the Orange LLI system, a resource kit for struggling readers at the Kindergarten and 1st grade level.  Bonny Slope has purchased higher level LLI systems and seen great improvement.  The full cost of this resource kit is $1990.  However, Ms. Williamson has $500 of BSD funds available for literacy use.  Janet Maze, Principal, is also willing to contribute $1000 from her school budget.  While BSCO doesn’t generally provide curriculum, the Board voted to approve this grant, totally $490 after BSD’s contribution.  This will allow the integration of this resource in the current school year.